Air-Assisted Floating Boat Docks

Our air-assisted system is a floating boat dock that lifts your craft completely out of the water. It has air chambers under the dock that allow for lifting of heavier craft and inboard craft. This dock is best for outboard, inboard/outboard and jet drive craft up to 50’ and 18,000Kg's or for inboard craft up to about 25’ and 4550Kg's. These air boat docks are great because they can be used in all types of water levels, with or without an existing structure. They, like our other boat lifts, are portable which makes them great for marinas, expandable and have limited lifetime warranty, so your lift changes with your needs.

The air-assisted boat docks come in a standard and a narrow option. The narrow option fits easily into existing berths that are smaller or where space is a major consideration. Standard berth allows easier access to craft for loading, unloading, cleaning, etc. Choose from the Regular Buoyancy Beam Boat dock, Performance Air Boat dock, or Inboard Ski Boat dock. Your JetDock air assisted boat dock comes with everything you need for installation, including winch, fasteners, launch system, structural beams and more. For more information, or help ordering, we have representatives waiting to help you. Give us a call at +44(0)7966841223.